social media

a view from the ground up. a grass roots view.

Five years ago who would have thought you would have to have a Facebook page. The digital world evolves quickly and fads come and go as do customers. It is vital your business stays on top of the latest trends not only to capture potential customers, but also to prove you can evolve to meet your customers needs.

visual views strongly advises clients to have a Facbook and Linkedin presence on the web that updated at least twice a month. Often Twitter, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are also good marketing moves for many of our clients.


visual views offers the following social media services:

  • Creation and set up of any social media site out there
  • Content creation for the pages and regular schedule updates to your social media pages
  • Social Media icons on current website to link to your social media
  • ‘Facebook Like’ buttons on current website to drive traffic to page
  • Integration of blog posts to Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Other code integrations from social media to your company website