SEO Marketing

If you build it they will not come…unless you know the tricks to get them there.

You can build a fabulous website but if nobody knows it exists what is the point. They will only come if you know the tricks and secrets to get your website advertised properly and show up on the search engines. Visual Views can help you with your website’s search engine optimization.

here are just a few of our SEO specialties:

  • First and foremost your website needs to be search engine friendly
  • Content is most important. You need to be updating your site weekly or monthly with new content to website and/or blog
  • Organic SEO. Each page needs to have the main SEO tags such as a title, description, and keywords.
  • Link Building. In order to get all pages indexed there should be links to each of them. It is ideal to get other websites to link to your website to help in this process
  • Pay Per Click. Your visibility on Google can be bought. Google allows for payper click on keywords