new view


visual view’s new website has been a long time coming. I am happy to finally launch it! Back in 2008 I made the decision to leave my position at Carnegie Museums and start my own freelance design business. The past seven years have been a blur of websites, logos, and design. I have loved every project I have worked on for different reasons. We also have had two more children and that adds to the blur of the past seven years. It is one big color streak representing all the creativity, design and craziness of the past seven years.

quoteI told myself when I turned forty I would have my freelance business in full swing and my website updated. Easier said than done. My website was over eight years old with almost no updates. Someone once told me,

“You can tell how good a designer is by how outdated their site is. A busy designer doesn’t have time to update their own website.”

I clung to this theory which really holds no water. I soon realized I need to abandon this thinking and take the time to represent myself in a positive light online; In a way that truly represents my thinking and what I do.

So today I turn 41 and am launching my new site. A year late, but better late than never.

I love taking something old and making it new. I love that I get to find solutions for my friends, family, customers through design. I hope to be doing this for many decades to come.

Thank you for checking out my post and my new site!