Instagram is King

iswhy are marketing platforms like Instagram important?

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, You Tube, Twitter are all autonomous platforms where potential customers are sharing and tweeting about recent purchases and having conversations about brands.

Gone are the days of the water cooler discussions of where you bought your last pair of shoes. Simply pin the beauties you bought at JCrew straight from their site and share it with your two friends who inquired.


Instagram is special. 400 million active users special! 28% of the US population uses Instagram. 90% of Instagram users are younger than 35. If that is anywhere near your target market’s age it is a no brainer.

Instagram gives a raw or real look into a brand or business. The behind the scenes view of a store, brand, service, or person. Users love the quick scroll through the photos of those they follow. All photos can be searched and hence the birth of the hashtag craze.

Instagram is free and easy to setup. visual views sets up instagram and other social media accounts for clients as a one-time setup fee or as an ongoing monthly fee of managing the accounts.


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