case studies

Carnegie Science Center

Website and Intranet | 2005-2008


Kelly, of Visual Views was hired by the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh to oversee the website for the Carnegie Science Center and all other web projects for the center. Kelly interfaced with over 20 departments within the museum to get content for the main website, email blasts, and online surveys and forms. Kelly also interfaced with the other three Carnegie museums to collaborate on over-arching marketing agendas and websites. During her second year at the Science Center Kelly was involved in a massive over-haul of the brand identity for the center.

In addition Kelly was in charge of the design, information architecture, and content for a teacher educational portal that featured school age appropriate activities for each school system. This project involved not only content management for the website but a huge amount of database management. Kelly and the team from the ground up created a database schematic for all the content and then created a design to wrap around the application. Kelly consistently met and talked with all types of employees of the museums and even worked the floor of the museums to get a better grasp of their experiences and needs.

Bank of America

Corporate & Investment Website | 2000-2002


Kelly, of Visual Views worked at Bank of America’s software engineer internet team for over four years as a web developer and information architect. During this time Kelly helped design and create the bank’s Corporate and Investment Banking website.  Kelly was also responsible for setting up usability groups to test the functionality of the site as well as oversee a content manager for the project. Kelly spent endless hours reviewing content, contacting over 25 groups within the bank to gather content, and streaming content to the developers to put into xml for the website. Kelly’s design and interpersonal skills were crucial towards this projects ultimate success.

Additionally she worked in tandem with the intranet team getting the bank’s intranet to line up to the public corporate website. This task also demanded that she approached numerous groups within the bank to get updates and additional information for their pages not only in the public internet space, but the private intranet space. Ultimately the two projects gave Kelly a great understanding of content management and the importance of site usability and information architecture.

“Change doesn’t start with action, it starts with vision.
Artists are great at creating visions.”  – Steve Lambert